"A Haunting Read" The Spook's Apprentice by Joseph Delaney

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Spooky... Kinda. 

This was another one of those books that has been sitting around waiting for me to read it. I was given it by a friend - not to borrow mind you otherwise I'd be in trouble. From memory they didn't even read the book, which is a shame because I actually really enjoyed it.

The Story

The story of this book is centered around Thomas Ward, a seventh son of a seventh son. This gives him the ability to see and hear what normal people cannot. As the Spooks apprentice it's his task to learn all he can about dealing with ghasts, ghosts, boggarts and witches. The latter causing the most difficulty for Thomas. He's tricked into freeing one of the most powerful living witches, Mother Malkin by a girl he at first trusted. This girl causes him to battle his most important tool as a future Spook: his instincts. There's more I could say on that but I'd prefer not to spoil it.

Overall I liked the story, it is the first of three books but was good as a stand alone story for sure.

The Style

I enjoyed the style of this book. I usually don't like reading first person stories, but this one worked for me. I need to say though that the 'first person past tense' writing style definitely takes away from the scariness of the story. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but it reassures us that the character who is telling us their story - survives. Still I got over that thought and enjoyed the story so hats off to Joseph Delaney.

Final Thoughts

I loved this book and devoured it. No I didn't eat and digest it, but I did read it quickly and I think in a way it has become a part of me. I'd recommend this book to readers that enjoy supernatural themes minus the horror.

I mentioned before that it's the first book in a trilogy. While I am curious to see where this story goes and how the relationships between certain characters progress, I'm not in a hurry to find the next book. Mostly because I have enough to read at the moment and I impulse buy books like paper-backs are about to be banned. Having said that if I stumbled across the next book or two and they had the same book cover style as the first (it looks great in my opinion!), I wouldn't hesitate in taking them home. But in my many bookshop peruses I haven't come across them so perhaps I'll need to order them in when I'm ready to keep reading. I did like the book as a stand alone story anyway.

I've got plenty more books to write about too so stay tuned.

Have you read this book? Otherwise what are you reading at the moment? Lets chat in the comments.

The Spook's Apprentice