Why I Re-branded / Year of the Phoenix

Year Of The Pheonix blog post.jpg

2018 is the year of the dog according to the Chinese calendar, but to me it's the year of the Pheonix. Hi, my name is Daniel R Graham and this will be the first blog post here since I've re-branded from serialauthor.com to danielrgraham.com.

Why the Re-Brand?

Serial Author became unfocused. I wanted a platform for my writing as well as help other writers by writing about serial writing/ publishing.

I've been blogging and writing fiction on serialauthor.com for a couple of years now. It's something I've enjoyed doing, but it has become a bit aimless.

At first I was going to divide Serial Author up by creating an author website in addition to Serial Author, but maintaining both blogs along with my brand developing blog/ business Lion's Den Freelance was going to end in three badly managed blogs. So instead I'm refocusing.


Publishing Everything Free-to-Read

Serial Author was aimed at writers and readers, now I'm putting my writing front and centre. I'm putting my serial novels and short stories right here free to read!

White Stag Trials (my fantasy series about a hunter from a small village who gets caught up in a hunt for the fiercest creatures in all of Anveil, where the most dangerous beasts of all might be his competition), I previously had this on a paid subscription site. I've decided that I'm going to release the story chapter by chapter right here on my blog! Check it out here!

Sonder Stories (my realistic fiction series based on the realisation that everyone is the main character of their own story) is my new series I'm really happy with. I'll be releasing new episodes - each form a new characters perspective - frequently (more frequently than White Stag Trials), I think you're really going to enjoy it. Check it out here!



There's a lot going on this year for me personally, like getting married and building a house while also changing careers (check out my brand developing freelance business here!), so I'm not going to commit to a rigid schedule. Instead I'll upload as much as I am able, focusing more on the fiction than blogging. Subscribe to get updates so you never miss a chapter, episode or blog post! 

So here's to the year of the Phoenix! New beginnings and burning passion for creative endeavours. So join me as we dive off the cliff-face of normality and we take flight, following the winds of imagination!

What's this year for you?