What do you want? (TWB Issue #11)


Foreword: I've gone though my newsletter archives and compiled the blog-like elements of the posts. I was sending out The Weekly Blurb newsletter when I had a few other posts out, but each one has content of its own. At the time my blog was called Serial Author - which was less focused on my fiction than it is now as danielrgraham.com enjoy!

It's a question I've been asking myself a lot lately and it's one that's difficult to answer.

There are a few things that I am sure of, they are more personal pursuits. One of the difficult questions is specifically: What do you want to do?

That 'to do' part is tricky, because we are caught between ought to's and want to's. 

There are expectations that we put on ourselves, or others put on us. We don't want to let down our parents, partner, kids, or peers - whoever it is that you value the opinion of. 

Then there are passions, dreams and aspirations.

Often the two categories don't align and we get stuck in this middle place of not really wanting to do either. Guilt becomes the motivator for what we do or don't do and we end up immobilized while our dreams go unrealized.

If you are reading this and it rings true, I offer this piece of advice: Have the talk(s). No not the awkward one. I'll explain.

First, have the talk with yourself. If you were free of obligation and oughts, what is it that you want to do. Often this is career and job related but maybe it's just an obscure hobby that you want to start. Whatever it is, get settled with the idea.

Now, is it possible? Can you see the path you can take to start? Are you willing to do what needs to be done in order to reach that destination?

Next, who are the people in your life whose opinion matter to you? Make a list.

As you encounter these people - either intentionally or as you go through life - have the talk. Tell them that you have decided to try (insert passion/ dream here) and that you are going to need their support in order to succeed.

If they are on your side, hooray! If not, or if they don't seem genuinely into the idea, that's okay too. You now know who you can talk about your dream with and who you should wait until you are successful to do so. Be gracious, some people have had their own dreams crushed and can come across cynical. Who knows, maybe pursuing your dream and sharing your success will inspire them done the track, but for now don't let them speak into your venture.

The rest can be tricky, every person has a different destination and every destination has a few routes you could take.

It helps to have someone in your corner, someone who cares about your dreams like you do...

I've started a business to help people with passion projects.

Lion's Den Freelance-logo black.png

Yes I'm plugging myself in my own newsletter, but it is relevant. I've just started a Brand Development business to help people with passion projects or small businesses that need a push and a helping hand to grow an online presence (brand) and fulfill what they are made for. 

This explanation is also my late slip, this is why I haven't been blogging or writing for while.

I'm still ironing out the creases (a suitable variant of the phrase "working out the kinks" I assure you), but this answers one of my 'What do you want?" questions. I want to help people like me, while also improving on my own brand development skills.

I want to use my writing and design skills to help others. What do you want to do?