Slow Down, Do Better (TWB Issue #7)


Foreword: I've gone though my newsletter archives and compiled the blog-like elements of the posts. I was sending out The Weekly Blurb newsletter when I had a few other posts out, but each one has content of its own. At the time my blog was called Serial Author - which was less focused on my fiction than it is now as enjoy!

Have you ever jumped right into something full of gusto only to fall flat on your face? I feel like that's where I was heading at my current speed. I wrote a blog post this week on learning from failure. In the post the main point I talk about is how I stuffed up last weeks newsletter. 

This, combined with the fact that I'm not really getting to my fiction writing is giving me that burning pit in my stomach. You see at the moment I'm trying to do a lot at once. I'm (attempting to be) writing a fantasy series, keeping up with blogging, an email newsletter, learning how to freelance (which is not going anywhere at the moment) as well as planning my wedding and building a house... while working my day job full time.
It's actually quite a lot.

So, my resolution? Slow down, do better. Plan more, do the important things well and don't stress about the self created deadlines during this busy time of life.
So I'll probably just be posting one blog post a week so I can focus on fiction writing and life :)

So What Have I Been Up To?

- Well, I've been reading, so that I can grow my writing skills.

- I've written up a (potential) guest blog post about my faith and how it influences my fiction writing.

- I've begun some hardcore plotting - even though I'm a major pantser - on good old fashioned paper. - Expect a blog post on that soon.

- Picking colors for the front of my future house!

Do you have any tips on keeping on top of everything?

Write On!
- Daniel R Graham