Read, Write, Repeat... I Think (TWB Issue #6)


Foreword: I've gone though my newsletter archives and compiled the blog-like elements of the posts. I was sending out The Weekly Blurb newsletter when I had a few other posts out, but each one has content of its own. At the time my blog was called Serial Author - which was less focused on my fiction than it is now as enjoy!

Hello readers! That's what I'm becoming: a reader. I have always enjoyed reading, especially when I was younger but as I got older and begun working a lot I stopped reading as much.
At some point I begun reading a lot of ebooks but it certainly wasn't as enjoyable as when I used to sit down with a nice book and just read for hours with no care in the word.
Recently I have been picking up some of my half-read books from my bookshelf and stacking them up in the order in which I should read them.

The point to reading these books is:
1. Enjoyment and relaxation
2. Expanding my knowledge of classic and popular books in my field writing especially in fantasy, but all speculative fiction.
3. Become a better writer! It's not a secret that the best writers read a lot. I want to read more - need to read more. 
4. I get to review the things I read! I have now reviewed two books on my blog and I'm really enjoying writing an analyzed  

The read, right, repeat cycle is something I am endeavoring to to upkeep. I added 'I Think' to the title because while I have been reading more I have neglected my own writing! The shaaaaaaame!