Perfection is Slowing us Down (TWB Issue #9)


Foreword: I've gone though my newsletter archives and compiled the blog-like elements of the posts. I was sending out The Weekly Blurb newsletter when I had a few other posts out, but each one has content of its own. At the time my blog was called Serial Author - which was less focused on my fiction than it is now as enjoy!

If you're like me you have quirks, things you fuss over that maybe others wouldn't even bother with. Logically we might know that some of these quirks are holding us back. Let's call these quirks Perfectionism. It's a personal standard that we all have to some degree, allow me to tell you about mine.

I had this idea when I started Serial Author, that I'd have a perfect writing schedule for fiction, blogging, emailing social media-ing... Turns out that was just a lovely thought in my head that hasn't come true. 

Since giving myself the dream of structure I've been all over the place more then ever. I don't need to go into how, because if you've been following me at all you'll notice that I'm pretty sporadic with all that I do. But I will try and tell youwhy I think I am this way at the moment.

I've talked before about rushing things and making mistakes. This can be pretty disheartening especially when the loudest feedback is usually "You got this wrong." even if those comments are far and few between, my heart is hit with a resounding gong of disappointment. I'm sure every human can relate to this, we are hardwired to feel the negative emotions just as deeply if not deeper sometimes than the positive ones. I do think that making mistakes provides the means of growing and improving, but that isn't usually the first thing that pops into my head.

One thing I'm figuring out is that life doesn't like schedules! My life has been pretty full lately with planning a wedding, building a house and changing jobs. I've gotten pretty used to just doing whatever I need to do next - with my fantastic fiance guiding me through what appointments I have agreed to keep :)
Trouble with this is I have actually stopped planning things to do with writing, like picking a short story competition I want to write for, or scheduling time to outline the next part of White Stag Trials. Because I'm expecting that I'll be too busy. At first this was necessary but soon I wasn't as busy as I was in the beginning so I had more time - but no scheduled writing time.

And the final part of my self analysis: The fact that I wasn't going about this perfectly was getting me down and not writing became easier.

So how am I going to turn this around?

I'm not doing this perfectly. So what? I'm still doing it and by continuing to do it I'll get better. That's going to be my motto for a while I think.

Let's kick perfectionism in the butt and stop letting it slow us down!

Something Positive This Week

Let's make this a regular segment if we can. This week I had the honor of getting over the 100 follow mark on Instagram! Thanks to everyone that follows.

It's a rewarding feeling mainly because I've been changing the way I do the images for my blog posts and consequently social shares. There's still some work to do I think - but as my new motto says: I'm not doing this perfectly. So what? I'm still doing it and by continuing to do it I'll get better.

What's your something positive this week?