Learning From Failure Episode 1: Check For Typos

Learning from failure ep1.jpg

Hey everyone, I thought that I’d take a moment to confess I stuffed something up - and how I intend to learn from it. I called this blog post Learning From Failure Episode 1 because I’m pretty sure that I’ll be failing and learning episodically and serially. This is Serial Author after all. Hence Episode 1.

So What Did I Stuff Up?

The latest issue (6) of The Weekly Blurb - my newsletter - had some typos and unfinished sentences. The worst of which I typed ‘right’ instead or ‘write’. Another was a point about how I enjoy writing book reviews, that I love writing in an analytical way about a book that I enjoyed reading, except that I didn't finish explaining why.

A few typos, so what? Those typos are permanent. It’s not like a draft or blog post where you can go back and fix the mistakes afterward. Once the newsletter is sent, you can’t un-send it, rewrite it and send again. I can delete the archived version and resend the issue and only the readers on my list will notice - which I have done once before - but it’s dishonest. At least that’s how see it.

Learning From This Failure

This failure is wasted unless I can learn from it. That’s how I want to view everything that doesn’t go as I intended it to go. So, how am I going to move forward? MailChimp (the newsletter software that I use) has a feature where you can send a test email to your own email address. It might seem obvious to use this and I have most times, but recently I’ve been a bit slack and haven’t.

So moving forward I will thoroughly read through my emails before sending them. I’ll also make sure that I am fully awake (not 2am when I usually write these types of things) when I read through and edit the newsletter.

I hope that by sharing this failure I can pass on my view of these things, that without learning from failure it’s a waste. 
That’s all for now, until Learning From Failure Episode 2, which will inevitably come.