I Moved!

I Moved blog post.jpg

What up journal. It's the 15th of January 2018

I moved house this week and sadly wrote almost nothing - but hey it's a new year and I have plenty of time to develop a new writing schedule right? I did however publish an interview with fellow Channillo author Bill McStowe, So I'm pretty proud of that. 

I also have decided to start going through books on writing that I find helpful and do a chapter by chapter study on them here on the site! I'm going to start with my favorite - On Writing by Stephen King. It's probably the most helpful book on writing that I've read and I think it would be awesome to do a study series on it and books like it. 

I'm also half way through a book review so that should be up soon too and I plan on continuing on reading and reviewing books. Once I've finished a study series on a writing book I'll review that too.

Along with all this I'm pumped to get back into writing White Stag Trials which has taken a back seat these last few weeks as I organize myself a bit.

That's all for now!