Full disclosure

New Blog Post Full Disclosure.jpg

This may sound a bit like a confession. Confessions of a serial author if you will. 

I am not yet a serial author. That is my goal, my aim, my ambition but most of all my dream. I have always been a writer - a serial writer even. There are scraps of stories littered through various hard-drives, old blogs, notebooks, cloud storage services and even on serviettes that went through the wash with my jeans.

Technically simply publishing a blog post makes you an author, being a blogger is very much being a serial author and for many people that is great, but for me to be an author means publishing a book.

Being a Serial Author is publishing book after book. That is what I want to become. In fact I'm close, I have a fiction series started and a non-fiction series close to being done. Notice that series is what I'm  focused on. Part of my serial writing will be writing a series of shorter, self contained, consecutive stories that make up a series.

That's all for now dear readers.