February Writing Goals

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It's already February 10th but I'm doing a monthly goals post - sue me (please don't). I was seriously thinking through a writing schedule, for Serial Author blog posts, White Stag Trials chapters and The Weekly Blurb. But just the thought of having a hard non-negotiable schedule with stress-inducing deadlines gave me anxiety. 

So in line with what I wrote about for my New Years Message, I'm going to avoid stressing myself out and just try my best. I think that the best way to do this is to set writing goals rather than a writing schedule. So without further ado here are my writing goals!


Blog Post Writing Goals

I'm going to aim for two blog posts a week - not including updates on my series. I'm wanting to blog about writing as a craft, part of that will be doing studies on what other writers have to say about the craft. My first series will be Stephen King's On Writing so look forward to that. It was one of the most influential books for my writing and I'm sure you will learn heaps as well. 

I'm also going to start reviewing fiction as well and analyzing the writing as both a reader and a writer. This will also help me read a lot more, Maybe next month I'll have a reading goals section too! I'm still a slow reader (I can read  fast but I don't absorb as much or enjoy the story like I do when I slow down), so I may need to space these post out with -

Interviews! If you have read my interviews with Bill McStowe and Juli Monroe you may already know that I'm really enjoying interviewing other writers and especially other serial authors. I'm starting with my fellow Channillo authors but would love to interview as many authors as possible - a new perspective on writing is always interesting!

Fiction Writing Goals

Yes fiction, not just my series White Stag Trials. I think it would be insane and ineffective to attempt multiple series or novels at once, however I would love to experiment with writing more short stories. Short stories a great way to mess around with different ideas, genres and writing styles without having to commit to any long form story. I'd love to be asked "What do you write?" and answer "Speculative fiction." which is essentially a whole bunch of genres - hopefully that doesn't sound too uppity or snooty, it's more that I'd like to be able to write in any genre.

Having said all that I've reduced the frequency of release for White Stag Trials chapters to once every other week. This gives me more time to put into the quality of the chapters as well as delve into other short stories. I may post some of those short stories on Serial Author, I may submit them to competitions and anthologies that will need me to not publish them on my blog here, but I will certainly write about whatever it is I am working on.

Newsletter Goals

The Weekly Blurb's purpose was to be a weekly roundup and summary of what I have been up to that week. I've become a bit slack with when this comes out recently, but I think Friday/ Saturday will be the perfect end of week time to send it out - every week.

What are your Writing Goals?

That's all for me and my goals. I'm going to start asking questions at the end of my blog posts to encourage discussing and community in the comments section. So my question for you today is: What are your writing goals? It can be for whatever you'd like! From blog posts and novels to grocery lists and love letters! Can you tell it's getting late for me?

Write on!