Diving in

diving in blog post.jpg

So it has begun. I've taken the plunge. My series that I've been working on - White Stag Trials - is beginning to be published online! I'm ecstatic to finally be putting my stories out into the world, albeit starting small. Starting small however, is what I need. I'm a horrible procrastinator, so committing to uploading a chapter a week will give me the drive to complete White Stag Trials and become a published author. 

I'm uploading to Channillo.com and you can find my series here. The site will allow you to read a snippet of my story without becoming a (paid) member for free, I'll be putting up the first chapter for free here on Serial Author soon. EDIT: You can read the first chapter for free here!

I'm a tad nervous but mostly I'm thrilled to begin this journey and record it here on Serial Author.