A Bit About this Blog (TWB Issue #1)


Foreword: I've gone though my newsletter archives and compiled the blog-like elements of the posts. I was sending out The Weekly Blurb newsletter when I had a few other posts out, but each one has content of its own. At the time my blog was called Serial Author - which was less focused on my fiction than it is now as danielrgraham.com enjoy!

Hey! It's Daniel from serialauthor.com
This is my first newsletter, and if you're reading this you've likely dug through an archive to find it, or you're a fantastic person who has signed up through one of my social media posts. Either way - THANK YOU!

What is a serial author anyway?
A serial author is someone who publishes their writings serially. That is, in small consistent chunks. Think of it like releasing episodes to form a series.

So what can you expect from Serial Author?
I have a few things I'd like to do on this website/ blog and I am well aware of how things change over time but at the moment this is what I am thinking: 

Updates on my series
I started Serial Author because I love telling stories and talking about writing, publishing and all things book related. I am currently writing a series called White Stag Trials, uploading the story chapter by chapter and I'll be releasing updates on how the whole process is going on the blog. 

Things About Writing And The Like
I'm not going to pretend to be a fantastic wordsmith who has studied English grammar, but I do like talking about writing, story telling, publishing and all those exciting author related topics.

I'd like to interview other serial authors and listen to what they might have to say. Whether it's about their writing style, habits or just about the story they are inspired to tell.

Book Reviews
Being a good writer means reading - something I need to do more. This will be a good way for me to keep on top of that and share with you what I'm reading.

Journal Posts
This is a journey for me, I am starting simple and just writing about what's going on in my writer related life. I likely wont be writing down what I ate for breakfast but I will be updating anyone who's interested on my progress, ideas and creative endeavours.

So what's with The Weekly Blurb?
If the word 'blurb' has confused you it's okay - it does sound like a made up word. A blurb is the description or summary on the back of a book that tries to convince the you to read it's content. It's like a summary and pitch to the potential reader. 

The Weekly Blurb is my newsletter for serialauthor.com that aims to do just that. At the end of the week (usually Friday) I'll send out an email with a bit of a round up of what's happened that week on the site and in my creative endeavours with links to the content you may want to check out.

Things are Looking a Bit Bare
Yup. There's a lot of black and white text on serialauthor.com and The Weekly Blurb at the moment, but color and design are on their way! My graphic designer is hard at work creating some banner images that will be added to the design of everything else shortly. I am even throwing myself into the art of drawing and digital art too so stay tuned for amateur doodlings of a writer. 

That's about it for now, I'm sure things will change rapidly but everything starts somewhere! I hope you stick around for this adventure with me,
Daniel R Graham