A New Year Message

A new year message.jpg

Happy New year! Yeah I'm back a little late - I took an unannounced break over the holiday period from work, writing and blogging to make room for festivities. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and new year period, I sure did.

With the new year comes pressure to make resolutions, start diets, join gyms, start new habits and break bad ones. For writers we tend to set outrageous word count goals for ourselves, or create schedules that are nowhere near our current practices. Often times when starting all these things it can be daunting and usually leads to a bunch of stress followed by burning out and reverting to old practices or worse.

My hope is that if you want to set goals for yourself that you take it slow and don't expect perfection from yourself straight away. By all means aim to improve your lifestyle, but figure out what that looks like for you. Your life goals will be different from the people around you, in fact they will be different from people that do similar things to you - and that's okay!

For me, I am taking on a bunch of new things, I've even purchased a re-usable weekly planner. I may be taking on heaps but I'm going to ease into these new practices so that I don't burn out.

Update on the blog

You may notice some changes to the site. I've been working on the structure of everything and have learnt how to make sweet looking thumbnails for the blog posts, without taking too much time away from my writing.

Bare with me while I get back into the swing of a regular schedule, but I should be posting twice a week at least, as well as a weekly newsletter (The Weekly Blurb).

Post in the comments what your lifestyle improvement looks like, whatever that is (this is a no judge zone people.)

Talk soon - Daniel